The Villain (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

The Villain

The Villain (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

The Villain has the formulaic elements that one expects in Prem’s films, but are they in the right measure is questionable.

Cast & Crew
Director: Prem
Actor: Shiva Rajkumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Meka Srikanth, Amy Jackson, Mukul Dev, Tilak Shekhar, Kichcha Sudeepa
Release Date: 18 Oct, 2018

The Villain (2018) Kannada Review:
Change is inevitable, they say. however Prem has remained obstinate. Pressing the pause button with all his may, Prem has blocked his power. The director remains cursed with the ideas that 1st created him, and so crushed him. there’s a method on however he decides his next. He will a fast recollection of his previous works and therefore the story, a lot of or less, is prepared for the new film. you recognize it’s a Prem film once characters are excited by rowdysim, once there’s a gratuitous fight sequence in a very jail, once the lead role player struggles to mention lines in Kanarese and once the hero is lucky to induce a song with six heroines. And whether or not the universe conspires against it, Prem can achieve incorporating this one aspect: the mother sentiment.

The when-effect of the film is not any completely different from the one we have a tendency to feel after oversleeping and missing a dream interview. In utter puzzlement and shock at what Prem has through with Shivarajkumar and Sudeep, 2 good actors at his disposal, the primary question that involves mind is: are you serious? Inspiration from the Sanskrit literature isn’t a brand new development in Indian cinema. Prem, too, decides to point out the ten-headed Ravana’s crafty altogether its glory. And like it’s believed, we have a tendency to see within the Villain that Ravana isn’t entirely Associate in Nursing evil person. Associate in Nursing underworld don Ram (Sudeep) is hunted person by Ramanna (Shivarajkumar) for a reason that’s solely unconcealed within the final half-hour of the motion-picture show.

For a masala flick, there’s no hurt within the story. however within the director’s mantle, Prem sounds like a student United Nations agency has blanked enter the examination hall. The narration is confusing. Characters get introduced and forgotten in no time. there’s without stopping to mad twists here, and for once, we have a tendency to crave for sure thing in a very film. The action within the Villain looks as if Associate in Nursing lyric to Rohit Shetty as cars keep obtaining tossed and flown regarding within the air. The VFX is way too video-game like. Shivarajkumar, expectedly, doesn’t foil however he’s disenchanted by a weak role. Sudeep shines like gold among the dross. one in every of the best actors within the country, he delivers a unflawed performance.

Someone should tell Malavalli Saikrishna to prevent writing old style dialogues for films set during this era. It’s unsatisfactory that there are not any appetising face-offs between the 2 leads. One star is for Arjun Janya’s music. Prem and team known as it a ‘big’ film. They centered on the funky hair-styles for the leads. they need so explore for some lovely locations.


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