-3+1 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download


-3+1 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

Here’s a story that tries to tell you how not to woo a woman in a rather concocted manner – by showcasing all the possible wrong ways to do so.

Cast & Crew
Director: Ramesh Yadav
Actor: Abhishek H.N, Sasya, Century Gowda
Release Date: 24 Oct, 2018

-3+1 (2018) Kannada Review:
A family of 2, with their young high school-going female offspring, sleep in a village when the person of the house retires from town life and decides that the peace of the village and its surroundings is simply what his family wants. female offspring Sasya is associate degree improbably immature and happy lady, WHO looks oceanrch out} a sea of joy in barely concerning everything in life. The village boys, however, have their eyes on her. Among them is Abhi (Thithi Abhishek), WHO takes it upon himself to taciturnly make sure that the lady of his dreams, Sasya, isn’t troubled and is often well taken care of. whether or not it’s concerning seeing all her immature desires come back true, or keeping her safe from the clutches of different boys within the village or perhaps at college, Abhi is that the man, WHO is consistently following Sasya’s each move and guaranteeing she is often riant. hassle begins with the defender and care giver in Abhi takes on an ardent flip. To what extent can he attend guarantee all is well with Sasya, and what happens once this lady Sasya, WHO is uninformed concerning his obsession, refuses to reciprocate his love or no matter it’s that Abhi feels for her?

While the crux of this story is purportedly concerning respecting girls and caring for them, most of the scenes showcase male ego and chauvinism at its worst, and includes everything from stalking to absolute violence against girls. however obtaining a hold of what this director is attempting to convey needs tremendous quantity of patience from viewers. If the surprisingly OTT performances by the lead forged don’t take a look at your patience, the long associate degreed spare scenes of a highschool child jumping up and down like an overgrown baby, or her spare giggles, certainly can. What works for the film, if at all, is perhaps the unrefined jokes tailormade for mass audiences that line the primary 1/2 the film, and also the supposed and rather abrupt unveiling of the psychoneurotic stalker thenceforth. The music, by AT Ravish, deserves a mention, as this album is guaranteed to attractiveness to the audiences higher than the film itself.


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