Raambo 2 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download

Raambo 2

A Sharan film is seen by audiences as a getaway to enjoy themselves with some good laughter and entertainment. Raambo 2 delivers just that.

Cast & Crew
Director: anil kumar
Actor: Sharan, Aashika, Chikkanna, Aindrita Ray
Release Date: 18 May, 2018

Raambo 2 (2018) Kannada Review:
The film revolves around Krishna (Sharan), World Health Organization is usually desire one thing new and selection in life. such a lot so he makes his folks hop from one place to a different, and eventually lands in Goa. A staunch follower of lord Ganesh, (voiceover by actor Hindu deity for the animated character), he meets Mayuri (Ashika Ranganath) simply once he’s trying to find a life companion. From a bourgeois family, she is associate easy-going lady World Health Organization is prepared to travel on a road trip with Krishna.

To ensure she’s safe, she gets DJ (Chikkanna) to travel beside them. even as relationship starts efflorescence into love, the trio realise that they’re being followed by another automotive. World Health Organization is that this person following them? World Health Organization square measure they after? whereas Krishna points fingers at Mayuri and DJ, it’s discovered that he’s, in fact, the target. the explanation why this person is following Krishna is crammed with twists and turns. Directed by Anil Kumar, Raambo a pair of has had an extended list of proficient technicians and actors, World Health Organization conjointly doubled up as producers on board. The team, underneath Tharun Sudhir’s steerage, have start off with an honest individual. the assembly and music have conjointly been done well.

Comedy that doesn’t get vulgar at any purpose is what makes Raambo a pair of even additional pleasant. However, don’t search for logic during this film, as you will not fancy it. The dialogues (written by the director) connect well with the audience, particularly since the correct quite forged was brought in to deliver them. Loyal followers of Sharan and Chikkanna will certainly fancy this one. Sharan, World Health Organization although plays the lead, provides house and chance for different characters to shine.

Ashika manages to play the ‘simple girl’ role well, and also the film has brought out her acting and dance skills, creating her associate actor to look at out for. Chikkanna is at his usual best and with a combination of English and South Dravidian dialogues reserved for him, he lends one more aura to comedy. Hindu Kokila and Kuri Pratap is seen in their component, transportation in their signature droll sides. One explicit ‘horn’ dialogue, although continual typically by Pratap, is certain to form audiences laugh whenever.

Last however not least, Shankar, along with his ability to anger folks and soften hearts at constant time, is that the soul of Raambo a pair of. His skillfulness shines through in every shot. Even supporting actors cherish Tabla Nani add worth to the film in their own ways in which. The automotive sequences are value mentioning, because the vehicles become vital characters, that adds to the pace. Ganesh’s voice adds to Raambo a pair of charm.


Raambo 2 (2018) Kannada Full Movie Download
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